Things My Pretentious Friends Say

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Anonymous asked: Are you ever coming back? I'm starting to think about going to the marly/bank/landsdown for my fix of being called bourgeoisie.


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I don’t like raves. They’ve always reminded me of the lower class.

[On a conversation about the warehouse party scene]

New York


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Ummmm it’ll be like salvo’s only nothing will be trendy…

[When someone suggested that we go into a Goodwill]

San Francisco


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I felt like that warehouse party was very “mainstream underground.”

[On a conversation about a party we went to in New York]



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A: Hey play another song

B: Uh, I’m not good at the whole populist thing.

[When they were using the laptop as the song finished]

New York


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I don’t think I could do cocaine with a stuffed nose.

[Pretentious or practical? U b d judge]

New York


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A: Does Auburn have a burgeoning art scene?

B: Well if you count me then, yeah.

New York